ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author of this book is sincerely thankful to all his professional colleagues, friends, and family, who have provided content, feedback, ideas, and support. Due to the limited space of an acknowledgment section, the following lists only sig- nificant highlights. At the top of the list, special thanks goes to two attorneys specializing in IP in higher education: Dwayne Buttler, JD, Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication, University Libraries, University of Louisville, Louis- ville, Kentucky and Jon M. Garon, JD, Dean and Professor of Law at Shepard Broad College of Law, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Both Dwayne and Jon have served as mentors in my evolving role as an intellec- tual property librarian at the Intellectual Property Awareness Center (IPAC) of W. Frank Steely Library at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). Additional acknowledgments go to the following professional colleagues for their support of research related to content in this book, as well as the instruction and outreach tied to this book: patent attorneys David Lafkas, JD, of the Eureka! Ranch®, and David Pressman, JD, author of Patent It Yourself campus and commu- nity colleagues: John Alberti, Sharon and Arne Almquist, Andrea Brady, Andrea Brooks, Justine Burchell, Mary Carmen Cupito, Mary Chesnut, Allen Ellis, John Graham, Lois Hamill, Jane Hammons, Phyllis Hegner, Marcia Johnson, Linda Kocis, Danny Miller, Sheri Myers, Amanda Page, Ran Raider, Dave Schroeder, Sarah Schroeder, Lois Schultz, Dr. Jennifer Smith, Chris Strobel, Laura Sullivan, Mike Wells, Philip Yannarella, and Robert Zai III. The author also wishes to thank other colleagues at NKU, including the Source Finder document delivery service at Steely Library, Cristen Ross, Erin Smith, Danny Lovell, and Deborah Stonehouse the NKU Faculty Benefits Committee and Provost Sue Ott Rowlands for approving my sabbatical for further research and content for this book former NKU graduate student assistants of the IPAC
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