xix 1800 Thomas Jefferson is elected President 1804 John Adams Mann becomes legally indentured to his master, David Parker Jr., in the town of Reading, Massachusetts 1804 Lewis and Clark begin their journey across the country 1807 Eli Whitney obtains a patent for the cotton gin 1807 Maiden voyage of Robert Fulton’s steamboat The Clermont begins 1812 War of 1812 begins with England 1819 Sophia Dyer from Portland, Maine, at the age of fourteen, creates a sampler using silk thread on linen 1820 The Missouri Compromise is passed under President Monroe 1820 Peak of the popularity of the German folk art style called “fraktur” 1824 Founding of the American Sunday School Union, an organization that became influential in teaching Protestant values and American nationalism to children both in American cities and on the frontier 1825 The Erie Canal opens, providing the first waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes 1828 Andrew Jackson is elected president 1830 The Indian Removal Act is passed 1830 South Carolina politician John C. Calhoun euphemistically calls slavery America’s “peculiar institution” 1832 Beaver fur top hat produced by Peck and Co., a prominent Boston hat maker 1834 Cyrus McCormick obtains a patent for his mechanical reaper 1835 Alexis De Tocqueville publishes Democracy in America 1836 The Astor House Hotel in New York opens, with toilets and bathrooms on each floor CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS
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