viii Series Foreword chapters include a list of further reading resources, and a selected bibliog- raphy at the end of each volume provides students with additional print and electronic resources for further research needs. The chapters examine women in each region with broad brushstrokes, highlighting specific examples of key customs and policies in specific countries that help to illuminate cultural nuances among countries within each region. They can be read alone or be reviewed cumulatively to make cross-cultural comparisons. The volumes are ideal for high school stu- dents doing projects, undergraduate students writing research papers, and even general readers interested in learning about women’s lives. The goal of the Women and Society around the World series is to depict the roles of women worldwide by exploring the major issues they face and the accomplishments they have made, especially in terms of bridging the gap in gender inequality and fighting for basic human rights. While read- ers will learn about the challenges that half of the world’s population face, they will also discover the empowering ways women succeed and over- come social and cultural barriers in their daily lives.
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