xviii Introduction CHAPTER 7: MARKETING TO FACULTY, STAFF, AND ADMINISTRATION We look at our users and stakeholders beyond students, especially consid- ering the ways that faculty, staff, and administration want to be reached. We share the benefits—the why—as well as the how—with examples that have proven effective at our own diverse institutions. This book is a community effort and describes the work of library mar- keting as such. We wrote this book together as coauthors and we will occa- sionally share examples from our experiences in the first person. We hope that these foundational definitions, examples, and best practices inspire you and help build your confidence as a library marketer. We hope to see you and hear about your work in one of the many venues where the community of library marketers shares its successes (and failures) and learns from one another. We look forward to learning from you! REFERENCES Diaz, S. A. (2019). Outreach in academic librarianship: A concept analysis and defi- nition. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 45(3), 184–194. Kotler, P. (1972). Marketing management: Analysis, planning and control. Prentice- Hall.
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