Acknowledgments No single-authored monograph is entirely an individual effort. I am deeply indebted to all of the authors cited in this book whose insights into the vision of openness in research and education have been an important source of inspiration to me and who will, hopefully, also become an inspi- ration to the readers of this book and help stimulate a continued discus- sion on the topic. I am also grateful to the following people whose administrative and editorial assistance, comments on various portions of the draft manu- script, and guidance during the production process helped me shepherd my book through its development, starting from an abstract idea and bringing it all the way through to the finished work: Barbara Ittner, former senior acquisitions editor at Libraries Unlimited and the editor of my two previous books, for being my enthusiastic reference and supporter Jessica Gribble, senior acquisitions editor at Libraries Unlimited, for helping shape my book idea into a successful book proposal and for guiding me dili- gently through the writing process Emma Bailey, project editor at Libraries Unlimited, for offering helpful sug- gestions regarding the book’s layout Saville Bloxham, editorial assistant at ABC-CLIO, for reviewing the first draft of my manuscript Richard Stallman, leader of the Free Software Movement, for providing invaluable comments on Chapter 2 to ensure that I properly describe the concept of free software Lisa McCoy, copyeditor, for conducting a comprehensive, rigorous review of the final manuscript
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