viii Contents Advantages and Challenges of Free Software and Open Source Software 18 Chapter 3 Open Content Licensing: Filling the Gap Between “All Rights Reserved” and “No Rights Reserved” 25 Defining an Open Content License 26 Key Open Content Licenses 29 Misconceptions about Open Content Licensing and Copyright 35 Benefits and Drawbacks of Open Content Licensing 37 Chapter 4 Open Access (OA): Redefining Scholarly Publishing 41 The Budapest Open Access Initiative 43 The Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing 45 The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities 45 Main Strategies for Attaining OA 46 OA and Copyright 50 OA and Peer Review 52 OA Policies and Mandates 52 OA Benefits 56 OA Challenges 58 OA and Predatory Publishing 60 Chapter 5 Open Educational Resources (OER): Linking Openness and Education 69 Envisioning Openness in Education 70 Defining OER 72 Arguments for OER 73 The OER Movement 77 Challenges to a Wider Adoption of OER 80 OER Quality 83 Types of OER Projects 85 Sustainability of OER Projects 86
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