Series Foreword Women’s roles in society and the issues they face differ greatly from those of their male counterparts. In some corners of the world, women may manage households but are deemed unworthy of an education in other areas, women scientists are pioneers in their fields, juggling family life and their careers. Gender inequality looms in all aspects of life, from employment to education to opportunities in sports and the military. What are the challenges, issues, and achievements women around the world face? The Women and Society around the World series looks at women’s lives as they pertain to various issues. The volumes cover topics such as Health Violence Religion Sexuality The military Sports Education and Technology, among others. Each volume begins with an introductory background essay on the vol- ume’s topic and is followed by a general chronology of significant world events pertaining to the topic. Eight chapters follow, focusing on the world’s regions: North America (United States and Canada), Latin Amer- ica and the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Sub- Saharan Africa, Central and East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia,
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