List of Entries |ix Michaeljohn Middle Ages (Europe, ca. 476–1270) Military Monastic Styles Monroe, Marilyn (1926–1962) Mourning Mullet “Mustache Gang” Mustaches Native American(s) Natural Products Noda, Alice Sae Teshima (1894–1964) Normant, Serge (1965–) Obama, Michelle Robinson (1964–) Occupations and Hairstyles Ouidad, Inc. Overton, Anthony (1864–1946) Palmer, Joseph (Joe) (1789–1873) Parker, Sarah Jessica (1965–) Permanent (Permanent Wave) Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) Pickford, Mary (1892–1979) Pityriasis Amiantacea Politics and Hair Pompadour Ponytail Presley, Elvis Aaron (1935–1977) Procter &Gamble Company Psoriasis Pubic Hair Punishment Punk Puritans Regency Religion and Hair Renaissance Europe Revlon, Inc. Roberts, Julia Fiona (1967–) Roffler, Edmond O. (1899–1902) Rome, Ancient Salons, Hair and Beauty Sassoon, Vidal (1928–2012) Scalping Seborrheic Dermatitis Shampoo Shaving Shear Genius (TV Show) Sideburns Society of Friends (Quakers) Soul Patch Styling Products Styling Tools Superstitions Temple, Shirley (1928–2014) Tinea Capitus Title VII (Public Law 88-352) Tonics, Hair Toupees Trichology Trichophagia Trichotillomania Twiggy (Lesley Hornby Lawson) (1949–) Unibrow Unilever Valentino, Rudolph (1895–1926) Vergara, Sofia (1972–) Victorian Era (1837–1901) Vikings Walker, Madam C. J. (1867–1919) Washington, Sara Spencer (1889–1953) Water Wave Widow’s Peak Wigs and Hairpieces World Beard and Moustache Championship Worthington, Charles (1963–) Yoruba Zotos International, Inc.
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