xii |Guide to Related Topics Unibrow Valentino, Rudolph Vergara, Sofia Consumer and Safety Issues Advertising Aging and Hair Allergic Reactions Animal Testing Barbers Begoun, Paula Elizabeth I Folliculitis Fragrance Hair Colorants Hairnets Hair Removal Hair Spray Hair Straightening Hair Transplants Lake, Veronica Laws and Regulations Permanent Pubic Hair Tonics, Hair Contests, Awards, and Competitions Alexandre of Paris American Health and Beauty Aids Institute Antoine Beards, Men’s Benson, Olive Lee Battle Competitions Hairdressing India Salons, Hair and Beauty Shear Genius World Beard and Moustache Championship Cultures and Customs Accessories, Ornamental Accessories, Symbolic Africa African Americans Amish Arabia, Ancient through Middle Ages Beards, Men’s Body Hair Byzantine Empire Celts, Ancient China Comb Coming of Age Cornrows Dreadlocks Egypt, Ancient Elizabethan Era Eyebrows Eyelashes False Beards French Revolution Greece, Ancient Hair Art Hair Jewelry Hair Removal Headgear Henna India Japan Kohl Latin America, Ancient Times to 1500s Literature and Mythology “Long-Haired Kings” Memento Mesopotamia Middle Ages Monastic Styles Mourning Mustaches Native American(s) Politics and Hair Pubic Hair Punishment Puritans Regency Religion and Hair Renaissance Europe
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