xxii |Preface about Western styles, particularly those in the United States, because American read- ers make up the primary audience for this volume. Readers who wish to pursue the topics in this volume will find numerous references for further reading and an extensive bibli- ography that includes books, articles, research studies, and websites. Suggestions for further reading also appear at the end of entries, which are listed alphabetically. Some entries on broad topics (e.g., barbers, beards, hair colorants, and wigs and hair- pieces) run several pages long. Within the entries themselves are cross-references, set in boldfaced type. Images are used to illus- trate various topics as well as expand on the text. The encyclopedia also includes blind entries that will direct readers to entries on related topics. A subject index completes the book. Material for the encyclopedia was gath- ered over a period of several years from various primary and secondary sources. Information about ancient times comes from cave paintings and archaeological finds, including tombs and museum exhib- its, as well as writings. Translations of works written by historians in Rome, Greece, the Middle East, and other places provide fascinating glimpses of hair care practices and styles during earlier times. Likewise, historical material about hair and hairstyling can be found in letters, diaries, journals, biographies, autobiographies, and the works of anthropologists and other sci- entists, as well as travelers. The graphic arts and artifacts of various cultures provide still more information. Material about well- known people came from recorded and pub- lished interviews, autobiographies, and annotated biographies. This volume is written for people who wish to learn more about the social history and customs of different cultures, as well as the changing attitudes toward hair as a con- tinuing focus of personal appearance. Stu- dents, librarians, teachers and professors, researchers, and general readers may find the information both useful and interesting.
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