vii List of Entries Accessories, Ornamental Accessories, Symbolic Advertising Africa African Americans Afro Aging and Hair Alberto-Culver Company Albinism Alexandre of Paris (1922–2008) Allergic Reactions Alopecia Areata American Health and Beauty Aids Institute Amish Animal Testing Aniston, Jennifer (1969–) Antoine (Antoni Cierplikowski) (1885–1976) Arabia, Ancient through Middle Ages Baker, Josephine (Freda Josephine McDonald) (1906–1975) Bald-Headed Men of America Baldness, Voluntary Ball, Lucille (1911–1989) Bangs Bara, Theda (1885–1955) Barbers Battelle, Kenneth Everette (1927–2013) Beards, Men’s Beards, Women’s Beehive Begoun, Paula (1953–) Benson, Olive Lee Battle (1932–2005) Berry, Halle (Halle Maria Berry) (1966–) Bessone, Raymond (1911–1992) Bob Body Hair Bouffant Bow, Clara (1905–1965) Braiding Breck Girl Brummell, Beau (1778–1840) Burma-Shave Butch Buzz Cut Byzantine Empire Carita, Maria (1911–1978) and Carita, Rosy (1914–1983) Celts, Ancient Charm Schools China Chopra, Priyanka (1982–) Clairol Coffey, Tabatha (1969–) Comb Comb, Decorative Comb, Liturgical Coming of Age Competitions Cornrows Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Crew Cut Dandruff Del Rio, Dolores (1904–1983)
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