Foreword xi training. The true substance of the book was all from him. So the joy has less to do with being proud of my contribution and more with being proud of what my advisor had accomplished for the sake of our field and our cli- ents and with being happy that he allowed me to become forever associ- ated with it. Everything evolves. Some of Doug’s thoughts, which he had given to me years ago, evolved within me over my many years of research and practice. I passed some of my evolving thoughts to Holly Hazlett-Stevens (one of the finest graduate students with whom I ever had the pleasure to work). Her evolving thoughts have been passed on to her graduate students. Our little manual also evolved. In its second rendition, it detailed new developments in applied relaxation and the use of imagery rehearsal techniques inspired by the work of other clinical psychologists. In the current, third rendition, it has shown its connection to the growingly important area of mindful- ness and has provided case studies to ground more deeply the presentation of its methods in clinical reality. However, the original and fundamental techniques of PRT laid out in the 1973 manual remain unchanged, a testa- ment to their enduring value, a value documented by clinical experience and empirical research. Tom Borkovec
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