vi Contents Chapter 4 The Physiology of Relaxation 15 PART TWO: The Practice of Progressive Relaxation Training Chapter 5 Presenting the Rationale for Progressive Relaxation Training 29 Chapter 6 Basic Procedures 39 Chapter 7 Variations on the Basic Procedures 51 Chapter 8 Differential Relaxation and Conditioned Relaxation 61 Chapter 9 Possible Problems and Suggested Solutions 67 Chapter 10 Assessing a Client’s Progress 83 Chapter 11 Case Studies in Progressive Relaxation Training 85 Chapter 12 Evaluative Research on Progressive Relaxation Training 113 PART THREE: New Directions for Integration and Application of PRT Chapter 13 Applied Relaxation and Related Techniques 151 Chapter 14 Meditation, Mindfulness, and Relaxation Training 179
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