Religion and War: Exploring the Issues

Timothy J. Demyauthor
Gina Granados Palmer
Religion and War: Exploring the Issues



Pages 288
Topics American Civil War;World War II;Weapons of Mass Destruction;Vietnam War;Torture;Religious Texts;Religion, Conflict, and Geopolitics;Military Chaplains;Just War Tradition;Human Rights;Conscientious Objection;Cold War;Buddhism and War;Apocalypticism;American Peace Churches

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Religion and War: Exploring the Issues

Author(s): Demy, Timothy; Palmer, Gina;
Contributors: Demy, Timothy; Palmer, Gina;

Looking at topics across the spectrum of America's wars, religious groups, personalities, and ideas, this volume shows that even in an increasingly secular society, religious roots and values run deep throughout American society and are elevated in times of war.

There is a long and deep relationship between religion, politics, and war in U.S. history. While there is a constitutional and legal separation of religion and the state in American society, religion has been and remains a potent force in American culture and politics affecting many aspects of life, including perspectives on war and peace and the experience of war in U.S. history. From the American Revolution to the wars of the 21st century, religious values have informed and influenced American attitudes toward war and peace and have provided rationale for support and non-support of American participation in conflicts.

An overview essay surveys the background and significance of religion in American culture and provides historical context for discussions of contemporary topics. A timeline highlights key events related to wars and conflicts. The volume then includes more than 50 topical essays that discuss specific wars as well as religious themes within culture and politics, ultimately providing a detailed overview of the intersection of religion, war, and politics in contemporary America.

  • Features roughly 50 alphabetically arranged reference entries that provide objective, fundamental information about topics related to religion and war, with an emphasis on modern society</li>

  • Includes entry bibliographies that direct users to specific sources with additional information</li>

  • Features a timeline that identifies key developments related to conflicts throughout American history</li>

  • Emphasizes that there is not a single or unified perspective on religion and war in the United States.</li>


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Timothy J. Demyauthor
Gina Granados Palmer
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