Library Patrons' Privacy: Questions and Answers

Sandra J. Valentiauthor
Brady D. Lundauthor
Matthew A. Beckstromauthor
Library Patrons' Privacy: Questions and Answers


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 168
Topics Accessibility;Dark Web;Ethical Guidance;Information Access;Information Privacy;Internet Privacy;Law Enforcement;Library Policy;Patron Records;Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues: Ethics;Management and Administration

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Library Patrons' Privacy: Questions and Answers

Author(s): Valenti, Sandra; Lund, Brady; Beckstrom, Matthew;
Contributors: Valenti, Sandra; Lund, Brady; Beckstrom, Matthew;

A quick, easy-to-read synthesis of theory, guidelines, and evidence-based research, this book offers timely, practical guidance for library and information professionals who must navigate ethical crises in information privacy and stay on top of emerging privacy trends.

Emerging technologies create new concerns about information privacy within library and information organizations, and many information professionals lack guidance on how to navigate the ethical crises that emerge when information privacy and library policy clash. What should we do when a patron leaves something behind? How do we justify filtering internet access while respecting accessibility and privacy? How do we balance new technologies that provide anonymity with the library's need to prevent the illegal use of their facilities?

Library Patrons' Privacy presents clear, conversational, evidence-based guidance on how to navigate these ethical questions in information privacy. Ideas from professional organizations, government entities, scholarly publications, and personal experiences are synthesized into an approachable guide for librarians at all stages of their career. This guide, designed by three experienced LIS scholars and professionals, is a quick and enjoyable read that students and professionals of all levels of technical knowledge and skill will find useful and applicable to their libraries.

  • Presents practical, evidence-based guidance for navigating common ethical problems in library and information science
  • Introduces library and information professionals and students to emerging issues in information privacy
  • Provides students and practitioners with a foundation of practical problem-solving strategies for handling information privacy issues in emerging technologies
  • Guides the design of new information privacy policy in all types of libraries
  • Encourages engagement with information privacy technologies to assist in fulfilling the American Library Association's core values

SortTitle: library patrons' privacy: questions and answers
Keyword(s): Accessibility; Dark Web; Ethical Guidance; Information Access; Information Privacy; Internet Privacy; Law Enforcement; Library Policy; Patron Records; Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues: Ethics; Management and Administration
Author Info:
Sandra J. Valentiauthor
Brady D. Lundauthor
Matthew A. Beckstromauthor
eISBN-13: 9781440874116
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Imprint: Libraries Unlimited
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Publication Date: 20220111