Acknowledgments First, I’d like to thank all the wonderful people at ABC-CLIO for their support in putting this volume together. Not only did we all endure a global pandemic while I was writing and editing this work, but there were many staffing changes at the publisher. Despite these challenges, everyone was helpful and professional. I’d also like to thank Matt Johnson, Sidney Vest, Melissa Tumbeiro, Maria Stampolkou, and Amanda Gonzales Garcia for their research support. I want to acknowledge that the entries within this book are as updated as pos- sible but that, like anything that discusses people who are still alive, there could be near-constant additions. Nonetheless, I hope it provides a useful reference tool. Finally, this book has been thoroughly edited, but if any errors remain, I accept responsibility for them. Also, any entries with no name associated I solely authored. Those listing another author were co-authored by myself and those individuals.
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