CHAPTER 1 America at the Crossroads of Grand Strategy The 1896 novel Quo Vadis highlighted the question “Where are you going?” The meaning of this question goes far beyond the text and forces the person to confront a host of other questions, wrestling with a simple geographical answer of the most profound trajectory of the mind and spirit. America is at such a “Quo Vadis” crossroads, and its choice will determine whether it remains the premier power, sinks into being a great power among many, or worse. Anything less than the first choice dooms the United States, the American people, and Western civilization to conflict, violence, and possible subjugation. American national security will be determined by its superiority in the space domain through the actions of the U.S. Space Force. This book illustrates that space policy is subordinate to national security policy, which is a servant to American grand strategy. We have compartmentalized ourselves into disunity and handed over our destiny to a technocratic and bureaucratic corps that has lacked vision, historical understanding, and future thinking. American society is a reflection of this. How often does a person get shifted from one person to another, each claiming that they are not the responsible figure? How often are the ultimately accountable figures unable or unwilling to make the tough decisions? How do they usually inform us that there are multiple turfs and lines of control that they can’t cross? How often does something from the most mundane to the most important get derailed or delayed? This last one could mean that some- thing won’t get done in a timely manner, a loss of efficiency. In the most extreme cases, people die, sometimes many people. Every second that America failed to develop a coherent policy regarding Syria, hundreds and then thousands of people died. This is the cost of bureaucracy and technocracy. This no longer represents an America ruled by liberty under
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