6 The United States Space Force U.S. Strategy.” As one of the many authors, presenters, and participants, I can attest to this exercise’s value for the future of American national security. We titled the best outcome for the United States (out of eight future paths, two of which would spell catastrophe for the United States) “Star Trek.” The report argued for three needs: the need to maintain the United States and Allied space power, protect and defend U.S. interests in space, and keep the space “commons” free. Three questions were addressed: Can we make money in space? Can we live in space? And will the United States and its allies control space? This 2060 “Star Trek” future was one where there would be a robust human presence in space. There will be an enormous economic opportunity, and, most importantly, it will be led by the United States and our alliance partners. This endeavor combines futurist thinking, technology trends, and geopolitical realities. The futurist concept requires one to suspend current thinking and expand into areas not firmly planted. It does not attempt to predict the exact future but opens the mind to future possibilities. This thinking is based on the Futures cone. As one can see in Figure 1.1, this includes the probable, the preferable, the plausible, and the possible. Figure 1.1 Futures Cone Source: Created by author, based on ideas from https://thevoroscope.com/2017/02 /24/the-futures-cone-use-and-history/
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