Contents Foreword vii Rosie Phillips Davis Preface ix Kimber Shelton, Michelle King Lyn, and Mahlet Endale 1 Intersectionality in Therapy for African American and Black Women 1 Candice Nicole Hargons, Natalie Malone, and Chesmore Montique 2 Culturally Competent Counseling Practice with African American Women 20 Kimber Shelton 3 Depression and Anxiety in African American Women 42 Lauren Simone Harper and Courtney Williams 4 Post-Traumatic Stress and Complex Trauma 55 Shavonne J. Moore-Lobban, Maria Espinola, and Karen Powdrill 5 African American Women and Chronic Mental Illnesses 78 Natalie D. Haslem 6 Substance Use and Dependence 101 Gemari Evans and Kimber Shelton 7 Eating Disorders 127 Judi-Lee Webb and Kimber Shelton 8 Individual Counseling 148 Tamara D’Anjou Turner, Mahlet Endale, and Michelle King Lyn
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