Social Justice at Storytime: Promoting Inclusive Children's Programs

Shannon Adamsauthor
Lauren Houghauthor
Social Justice at Storytime: Promoting Inclusive Children's Programs


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 162
Topics Diversity;Social Justice;Social Emotional Learning;Race;Public Libraries;Professional Development;Own Voices;Mental Health;Inclusion;Immigrant Experience;Gender;Equity;Early Literacy;Children's and Young Adult Programs: Storytelling, Resources and Collections

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Social Justice at Storytime: Promoting Inclusive Children's Programs

Author(s): Adams, Shannon; Hough, Lauren;
Contributors: Adams, Shannon; Hough, Lauren;

Youth librarians and early literacy educators will find this book a helpful tool for making storytimes more inclusive and better representative of their community and the world at large.

Written by two experienced librarians from one of the nation's most diverse metroplexes, Social Justice at Storytime </i> provides a real-world, hands-on guide to storytimes that will help young people become more socially aware, empathetic, and confident. Storytimes can be a welcoming space for all members of the community. Anyone presenting storytime to young children can use these suggestions to broaden children's understanding of the often-confusing situations they see and hear around them. It is</i> possible to discuss race, gender/sexuality, and diverse abilities in a child-appropriate way. Making social justice a part of an existing or new storytime practice provides an early literacy approach to including children in timely conversations.

Readers of this thoughtful book will not only become more socially aware and empathetic, but they will also be equipped to choose diverse books and songs, make thoughtful and inclusive language choices, become more in tune with their diverse communities, and handle concerns from caregivers or administrators.

  • Understand the library's role in social justice and how to apply a social justice lens to current practices</li>

  • Address community or administrative concerns</li>

  • Learn to think more inclusively</li>

  • Expand your knowledge of diverse book titles and techniques for picking new books and music</li>

  • Learn how to consciously choose the language you use</li>


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Shannon Adamsauthor
Lauren Houghauthor
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