Contents ix The U.S. Military and Sexual Misconduct, 72 Challenges in Reporting, 72 Challenges Posed by the Chain of Command, 73 Solutions, 74 Activism, 75 Legislation, 76 Affirmative Consent and Consent Education, 78 Bystander Intervention, 82 Rape Prevention, 84 Dismantling Rape Culture, 85 Conclusion, 87 References, 87 3 Perspectives, 95 Introduction, 95 Behind the Hotline, 96 Lindsey Breslin Working at a Child Advocacy Center, 100 Robin Friesen-Holwell You Are Not Alone: The Perspective of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, 104 Elyse Diewald More Than JUST Words: Integrating Trauma Informed Practices into Justice System Responses, 107 Elisa Carias Perspectives from the Field: Campus Sexual Assault Prevention, 112 Teresa Wroe
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