xix Acknowledgments I am very grateful to the folks at ABC-CLIO for giving me the opportunity to write about such an important topic. Kevin Hillstrom deserves extra gratitude for his patience with my inability to meet deadlines and his thoughtful edits. Thank you also to the copyeditors for their assistance with the editing process. I had two fabulous undergraduate research assistants, Jes- sie Bixler and Madie Boreman. They not only provided valu- able research, but they taught me things about social media and contemporary entertainment that, at my advancing age, I did not know. I am also thankful for the individuals who con- tributed to the “perspectives” chapter of this book. The work of sexual assault advocates is essential. They provide support, comfort, and assistance to those who need it most. I am very appreciative of the survivors who contributed their stories to this book and to the students who have confided in me over the years. It takes great bravery and strength to tell your stories. A shout out to my parents and siblings for their lifelong sup- port and encouragement: Caren Smith, Scott and Lisa Hatch, Dave and Marie Welch, Zach Hatch, Miarra Jackson, and Zoe, John, and J.J. Gilchrist. And in loving memory of my brother, Andrew Hatch. Last, but not least, I am very grateful to my immediate family. To my husband, Dan Welch, for providing encouragement, support, and childcare. To my kids, Paige and Ryan, may they forever be safe from harm. I have great confi- dence that they will make this world a better place.
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