Contents ix 29. Is there a connection between marijuana abuse and mental illness? 83 30. Can marijuana use and abuse kill you? 86 31. I want to stop using marijuana. What treatment plans are available? 90 Marijuana Policy and the Law 93 32. Why are marijuana policies so controversial? 93 33. When did marijuana (and hemp) become restricted/prohibited by law? 98 34. My state legalized marijuana, so can I still get arrested for using, growing, buying, or selling it? 104 35. Is it illegal to buy marijuana products online? 105 36. Has legalization of marijuana ended the illegal drug trade? 106 37. How does marijuana policy reflect current political or moral ideologies? 107 38. Have other drug-related policy movements been affected by the movement to regulate marijuana? 113 Case Studies 119 Glossary 133 Directory of Resources 151 Index 161
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