Acknowledgments This book was written in the midst of the global pandemic, which means that most of my communications with friends and colleagues were con- ducted over email or phone. There are many people to thank, many of whom I have never had a chance to see face-to-face. My first thanks should go to my editor Maxine Taylor, who brought this opportunity to my attention. I have been thinking about this subject for many years, and the timing was perfect. I would also like to recognize the hard work of our University of Wisconsin–Platteville librarians Le Suong Cina and Sara Winger who managed to procure and convey nearly 700 books from around the state to be housed in my little home office even though many of the university facilities had been closed to the public. I would also like to thank my friends Dr. Michael Kloess from Our Lady of Hope Clinic in Madison and Bruce Roesler and Dr. Andrew Wright from the Richland Hospital Paul Corcoran from Richland Family Prescription Center, as well as my campus colleagues Eric Brewer, Stephanie Kernik, Faye Peng, and Dorothy Thompson for their insights and suggestions every time we spoke on the subject. Similarly, Ron Fruit and Phil Nee from WRCO Radio and the Weigel family (Chuck, Madeleine, Emma, Stephen, and Virginia) and my numerous family members in Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, and Colorado who patiently let me talk through many of the questions that are found in this volume and appropriately played devil’s advocate as needed. Above all, I would like to thank my
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