Introduction xvii This book provides thorough answers to questions about marijuana. It includes factual details about its chemistry, its effects on human cognition and emotions, and answers common questions about what it does. What makes this book unique is that it also places strong emphasis on ques- tions related to marijuana addiction, the sociopolitical trends that seem to encourage its use, and especially the impact of marijuana use on judg- ment and moral reasoning. More than 600 published academic sources were used as part of the research, and these were supplemented by an equal number of nonacademic sources found through popular media. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with more balanced informa- tion that they can use to make informed choices outside of the confus- ing and misleading emotions that usually accompany active drug use and psychological addiction. This book does not take a position for or against legalization but instead focuses on the likely consequences of increased marijuana use.
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