CONTENTS Introduction vii 1. The Research: What’s the Big Deal about SEL? 1 2. How It All Works: What the Brain Has to Do with SEL 11 3. Playing Is Learning: Songs and Games at Storytime 17 4. Let’s Be Friends (Or Not): Storytimes about Empathy, Kindness, and Gratitude 29 5. I Can Do It!: Storytimes about Determination, Making Mistakes, and Critical Thinking 65 6. Up, Down, and All Around: Storytimes about Feelings, Anger Management, and Courage 97 7. Mine! Now!: Storytimes about Sharing and Patience 131 8. Go, Team!: Storytimes about Teamwork and the Team of Cs (Competition, Cooperation, Communication, and Compromise) 149 9. Here I Am: Storytimes about Self-Acceptance and Self Esteem 165 10. Manners Matter: Storytimes about Please, Thank You, Listening, and More 181
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