2 School Library Management Leadership is creating vision. The librarian has to be able to clearly articulate and paint a vision of where the school library needs to go, and, while the school library program is led by the school librarian, it should be a team effort. The library belongs not to the school librarian, but rather to the whole school. It is “our” library. The school librarian sets the vision for the library and the direction in which to move the program, but it is important to build a culture in which everyone will understand, embrace, and follow that vision. Leadership doesn’t require a title. There are many ways to be a leader that don’t require a title. By being present, involved, and vocal, the librarian can demon- strate the importance of the library. Sharing the collaborative work done with other teachers can encourage others to want to collaborate as well. Through con- versations in the library, the cafeteria, the office, or the hallway, school librarians can share what is going on in the library and how everyone can participate. Today’s school librarian has to be a leader in the school. There is no debate. Leadership is about taking opportunities to demonstrate the importance of the school library and to build a culture where everyone wants to be a part of the school library program. Articles The articles that follow delve into the role of school librarian as a leader. They look at various angles and perspectives of leadership and also provide guidance and direction on how school librarians can become leaders in their schools. For Further Exploration Church, Audrey P. 2016. Tapping into the Skills of 21st Century School Librarians: A Concise Handbook for Administrators. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. Coatney, Sharon, and Violet H. Harada, eds. 2017. The Many Faces of School Library Leadership, 2nd ed. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. Hartzell, Gary. 2003. Building Influence for the School Librarian: Tenets, Targets, and Tactics, 2nd ed. Worthington, OH: Linworth. Martin, Ann M., and Kathleen Riopelle Roberts. 2019. Leadership: Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Communication, and Relationship Building. Chicago: ALA Editions. Moreillon, Judi. 2018. Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy. Chicago: ALA Editions. Morris, Rebecca J. 2015. School Libraries and Student Learning: A Guide for School Leaders. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. Weisburg, Hilda K. 2017. Leading for School Librarians: There is No Other Option. Chi- cago: ALA Editions.
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