Leadership 5 guidance to “Which Book Character Are You?” iterations available. The Ennea- gram is popular in book study groups and pop culture right now, as is Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies framework. StrengthsFinder 2.0 is typically considered the gold standard among leadership gurus. Academic psychologists deal in the “Big Five” personality traits. A simple online search will reveal these frameworks and more, with tests to see where you tend to fall within them. I recommend tak- ing several different inventories as samples and looking for the similarities and patterns among your results. Then, armed with self-knowledge of your personal tendencies and preferences, reflect on what those might mean for your leadership efforts: What are some of the strengths you bring to a team? What might others perceive as your weaknesses or barriers? Who among your team members has a strength in one or more of the areas that might be gaps for you? How can you organize the group’s work to take advantage of everyone’s strengths? Who might you need to bring in as an additional partner, with strengths that aren’t currently present on the team? Leading Forward Leadership is fundamentally about people. The first and most fundamental chal- lenge is to ensure that you have the right people doing the right work. As I learned from my mom years ago, the “right people” may mean anyone who cares enough to step up! The “right work” will emerge as you collaborate over common concerns and interests. Your self-knowledge and the relationships you develop with others will help you find those folks, identify what they do best, and work with them to apply those strengths to the goals you all have in common. Like all aspects of librarianship, the leadership work we do is about our users. The less our work is about us, and the more it is about the partners we’re leading, the more people will become invested in what happens in our libraries. Sharing ownership of our work, through leadership, is some of the very best advocacy we can do.
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