Leadership 9 Principal School Librarian Program Administrator Collaboration in Effective Decision Making Works with school council, teachers, parents, and community members to meet the needs of students Professional Learning Communities to guide instructional planning, preparation, and execution (DuFour et al. 2010) Develops and facilitates library advisory councils to strengthen the school library program Meets with teacher teams to help plan and design opportunities for student engagement with library facility resources Formation of Outside Partnerships Partners with community businesses, government agencies, and postsecondary institutions Location and application of state/ federal grants and other funding sources Partners with local public libraries Searches out grants and other local funding partners Addressing of Educational Issues with Personnel Observations and evaluations of teachers and staff throughout the school Design and implementation of professional learning opportunities Updated understanding of local, state, and national policy Facilitates the work of support personnel, as well as adult and student volunteers Organization of professional learning for teachers and staff through various means Updates and maintains access to viable and relevant resources and materials When looking at the connections between the two roles of librarian and princi- pal, it is apparent that librarians very much act as the “principal” of their library domains. However, I urge current school leaders and library practitioners to take a further look into the meaning of these leadership practices. Utilizing the School Librarian as School Leader The role of school administrator continues to grow in its challenges and demands, with most principals struggling to complete all requirements the job entails (Thiers 2016). Since those requirements are virtually impossible for one individual to ful- fill, principals need to utilize those individuals whose leadership responsibilities present natural overlap. Others need to undertake the instructional leadership role to ensure students receive the highest-quality instruction on a daily basis Figure 2. Program Adminstrator Leadership Connections (continued)
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