A long time ago, a cooperating teacher mentioned to her student teacher that the project they were working on would make a really good article for a professional journal. This teacher guided him along as the article was written, submitted, and accepted for publication—long before the student teacher ever accepted his first job. That one suggestion (along with a lot of others over the years) helped to guide that young student teacher to a long career sharing his story in articles, books, and presentations. For that random pairing of student teacher to cooperating teacher, I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Karen Satterlee. —CAH This book is dedicated to all the K–12 school librarians currently out there managing and administering school library programs, and to all K–12 school librarians who will manage and administer school library programs in the future. Management and administration is the “behind-the-scenes,” yet absolutely critical, work that makes your program successful. It is hard, primarily invisible work. This book is dedicated to you, with thanks for all that you do. —APC
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