Introduction ix 1 How and Why Are Inequities Maintained? 1 Christine Ma-Kellams 2 Social Privilege: Flipping the Coin of Inequity 21 Jude Bergkamp, Abi Martin, and Lindsay Olson 3 Psychology of Liberation: Strategies to Engage in Transformative Practice in Public Schools 49 Sally M. Hage, Charisse Del Vecchio, and Sesooter Ikpah 4 Racial Microaggressions and Self-Esteem 73 Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt and Aldo M. Barrita 5 Poverty and Mental Illness: Motivation, Beliefs, and the Cycle of Inequity 95 Maria Espinola, Julia McIntyre, Juliana Lavey, Rachael Crenshaw, and Meghan St. John 6 Perceived Discrimination in Health-Care Settings among Filipino Americans 125 Diana L. Arntz and Sukanya Ray 7 Political Extremism in the Wake of Charlottesville: The Motivations and Ideologies of the White Power Movement 159 Tina R. Lee Contents
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