Acknowledgments ix How to Use This Book xi 1 Nominations, Confirmations, and Departures of Federal Judges 1 Q1. Are nominations and confirmations to the federal bench based on factors beyond merit? 2 Q2. Do outside organizations influence whom the president nominates to the federal bench? 6 Q3. Do interest groups influence the Supreme Court confirmation process? 14 Q4. Is it unusual for the Senate to reject a Supreme Court nominee? 21 Q5. Was the Senate’s refusal to take action on President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland really unprecedented? 25 Q6. Are Supreme Court confirmation hearings a “vapid and hollow charade”? 29 Q7. Is the timing of judicial retirements from the Supreme Court influenced by politics? 35 Q8. Did President Trump’s judicial appointments fundamentally re-make the federal judiciary for decades to come? 41 Contents
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