Preface xvii Preface Why We Wrote This Book We wrote this book because we believe in the value of information literacy (IL). We have passed through the age of information overload and now live in the age of information manipulation and information uncertainty. Targeted messages flood our social media with mis- and dis-information intent on more nefarious goals than just getting us to buy the correct brand of shoes. Our students trust messages with no merit and distrust factual ones. We wrote this book to help students understand what IL is and to learn some of the skills associated with it. More importantly, we wrote this book to illustrate to students that IL is more than knowing how to search well, or where to search it is an essential skill for reflective learners and citizens that enables them to navigate a tsunami of infor- mation, to sort fact from opinion and opinion from propaganda. We know that students have a lot to learn, and teachers have a lot they must teach. We also know that information literacy knowledge and skills (ILK) are not at the top of either of those lists. However, IL is a transferable skill that will serve your students well in all subject areas and all aspects of their lives. IL will help them successfully navi- gate the oceans of information. Standards and the Framework We used many sources to inform our work. They are mentioned and cited throughout the chapters. A handful of books deserve special mention as they help shape the content, organization, and presentation of the information.
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