Alphabetical List of Entries ix Michaels, Jillian Muscle Cramps Muscle Dysmorphia Muscle Fatigue Muscle Imbalance Muscle Injuries Muscles of the Ankle and Foot Muscles of the Neck Muscles of the Wrist and Hand National Academy of Sports Medicine National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Strength and Conditioning Association Nutrition and Exercise Obliques Occupational Physical Activity Overtraining Syndrome Overuse Injuries Pectoralis Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Techniques Personal Trainer Perspiration Physical Education and School Sports, Funding for Physical Fitness Physical Rehabilitation and Therapy Pickleball Pilates Play as Exercise Plyometrics Polo Posture Power and Strength Pregnancy and Exercise President’s Fitness Challenge Protein Supplementation Quadriceps Quetelet, Adolphe Rhomboids Roid Rage Rotator Cuff Rugby Running, Cross-Country Running, Long-Distance Running, Recreational Schwarzenegger, Arnold Self-Esteem and Exercise Senior Citizens and Exercise Shin Splints Side Stitch Simmons, Richard Skateboarding Skating, Figure and Speed Skating, Roller and Inline Skiing Snowboarding Soccer Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) Spinning Sports Influences on Body Image Sports Medicine Sports Psychology Sports, College Sports, High School Sports, Professional Sports, Recreational Sprain, Ligament Strength Training Stress and Exercise Stretching Surfing
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