xii Thematic List of Entries Sports Medicine Sports Psychology Warm-Up and Cooldown PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS Aerial Arts and Pole Dancing Aerobics Aesthetics Training Archery Badminton Ballet Baseball and Softball Basketball Belly Dance Biking Bodybuilding Bodyweight Exercise Boxing Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paddleboarding Cheerleading Circuit Training Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Rock Core Training Cross-Training Dance Disc Golf Football Golf Gymnastics Hiking Hockey, Field Hockey, Ice Horseback Riding Interval Training Isometrics Jazzercise Jumping Rope Kickboxing Lacrosse Lifestyle Physical Activity Martial Arts Occupational Physical Activity Pickleball Pilates Play as Exercise Plyometrics Polo Rugby Running, Cross-Country Running, Long-Distance Running, Recreational Skateboarding Skating, Figure and Speed Skating, Roller and Inline Skiing Snowboarding Soccer Spinning Sports, Recreational Strength Training Stretching Surfing Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Track and Field Trampoline Ultimate Volleyball Walking Water Polo
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