Thematic List of Entries xiii Weightlifting Wrestling Yoga Zumba HEALTH BENEFITS AND RISKS Blood Pressure and Exercise Blood Sugar and Exercise Bone Density and Exercise Bronchoconstriction, Exercise-Induced Bulking and Cutting Cardiovascular Disease and Exercise Cerebrovascular Disease and Exercise Cholesterol and Exercise Concussions DHEA Diabetes and Exercise Disabilities and Exercise Emotional Health and Exercise Endurance, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Ergogenic Aids Exercise Intolerance Fascial Injuries Fracture, Bone Human Growth Hormone Iliotibial Band Syndrome Inactivity, Physical and Psychological Consequences of Meniscal Tear Muscle Cramps Muscle Dysmorphia Muscle Imbalance Muscle Injuries Overtraining Syndrome Overuse Injuries Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Techniques Physical Rehabilitation and Therapy Protein Supplementation Roid Rage Self-Esteem and Exercise Shin Splints Side Stitch Sports Influences on Body Image Sprain, Ligament Stress and Exercise Syncope, Exercise-Induced Tendon Injuries Weight Gain and Exercise Weight Loss and Exercise EXERCISE AND SOCIETY American College of Sports Medicine American Council on Exercise Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 Athletics and Fitness Association of America Barriers to Exercise, Economic Barriers to Exercise, Mental Barriers to Exercise, Physical Barriers to Exercise, Social and Cultural Beachbody Biggest Loser, The Blanks, Billy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Clothing and Footwear, Athletic Couch to 5K CrossFit Exercise Equipment and Gear Exercise Industry
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