viii Alphabetical List of Entries Concussions Connective Tissues Core Training Couch to 5K CrossFit Cross-Training Dance Dehydration Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness Deltoids DHEA Diabetes and Exercise Disabilities and Exercise Disc Golf Dyspnea, Exercise-Induced Emotional Health and Exercise Endurance, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Erector Spinae Ergogenic Aids Exercise Equipment and Gear Exercise Industry Exercise Intolerance Exercise Science Fascial Injuries Fitness and Figure Competitions Fitness Apps and Influencers Fitness Books and Magazines Fitness Testing and Assessment Fixx, Jim Flexibility Fonda, Jane Football Fracture, Bone Gastrocnemius and Soleus Gluteals Glycogen Golf Gymnastics Gyms and Recreational Centers Hamstrings Healthy People 2030 Hiking Hip Adductors Hip Flexors History of Exercise and Physical Activity in the Ancient World History of Exercise and Physical Activity in the United States Hockey, Field Hockey, Ice Horseback Riding Horton, Tony Human Growth Hormone Hydration Iliotibial Band Syndrome Inactivity, Physical and Psychological Consequences of Interval Training Isometrics Jazzercise Jenkins, Jeanette Jumping Rope Kickboxing Kinesiology Lacrosse Lactic Acid Latissimus Dorsi Lee, Jennifer Nicole Lifestyle Physical Activity Martial Arts Maximal Oxygen Uptake Meditation and Exercise Meniscal Tear Mercuriale, Girolamo
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