Alphabetical List of Entries ix Oracle Bones Otoliths, Fish Palmistry Physiognomy Pigs Possession and Exorcism Pre-Adamites Precious Stones Pregnancy and Childbirth Prodigies Race Rain Rainbows Rats and Mice Ravens and Crows Relics Roses Rosicrucianism Royal Touch Sabianism Saffron Sage Satanic Pact Scrying Second Sight Seventh Children Sex Change Sibyls Silver Snakes Solomon Solstices and Equinoxes Spiders Spontaneous Generation Sun Swallow Stones Syphilis Tarot Tea Theriac Toads Tobacco Trepanation Twins Unicorn Vampires Volcanoes Weapon-Salve Wild Hunt Witchcraft Wolves and Coyotes Yellow Emperor Yijing Yin/Yang Yoga Yokai
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