Thematic List of Entries xii Geocentrism Great Chain of Being Macrocosm/Microcosm Magnetism Naturphilosophie New World Inferiority Yin/Yang The Earth Amber Earthquakes Fossils Gold Iron Precious Stones Silver Volcanoes Legendary or Mythical Individuals Diana Hermes Trismegistus Lilith Solomon Yellow Emperor Magical Sciences Alchemy Ars Notoria Astrology Bibliomancy Black Mass Curses Defensive Magic Devil’s Mark Divination Doll Magic Dowsing Evil Eye Execution Magic Geomancy Hepatoscopy Ifa Divination Kabbalah Lettrism Love Magic Natural Magic Necromancy Obeah Palmistry Physiognomy Rosicrucianism Satanic Pact Scrying Second Sight Tarot Witchcraft Yoga Medicine and the Body Acupuncture Aphrodisiacs Bathing Blood
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