Thematic List of Entries xiii Brunonianism Caul Death Excrement Gender and Sexual Difference Humours, Theory of Intersex Conditions Left-handedness Menstruation Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism Pregnancy and Childbirth Seventh Children Sex Change Syphilis Theriac Trepanation Twins Miscellaneous Apparitions Blood Libel Dreams Hieroglyphics Luck Lycanthropy Possession and Exorcism Prodigies Race Relics Royal Touch Sabianism Spontaneous Generation Wild Hunt Yijing Plants Bananas Garlic Herbs Mandrakes Mistletoe Onions Roses Saffron Sage Tobacco The Sky Comets Eclipses Lightning Moon Rain Rainbows Solstices and Equinoxes Sun Supernatural and Legendary Creatures Benandanti Dragons Elementals Fairies
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