Alphabetical List of Entries viii Evil Eye Excrement Execution Magic Fairies Flat Earth Fossils Foxes Frogs Garlic Gender and Sexual Difference Geocentrism Geomancy Ghosts Goats Gold Golem Great Chain of Being Hand of Glory Hares and Rabbits Hepatoscopy Herbs Hermes Trismegistus Hieroglyphics Horses and Donkeys Horseshoes Humours, Theory of Hyenas Ifa Divination Incantation Bowls Incubi/Succubi Intersex Conditions Iron Jinn Kabbalah Left-handedness Lettrism Lightning Lilith Love Magic Luck Lycanthropy Macrocosm/Microcosm Magnetism Mandinga Pouches Mandrakes Menstruation Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism Mirrors Mistletoe Monsters Moon Mummies Natural Magic Naturphilosophie Necromancy New World Inferiority Obeah Onions
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