vi Contents Exhaustion, Thy Name Is Zoom 39 Summary: Musings on Life on Video 40 Chapter 5 Language Online 45 English, Spanish, Flemish, Text-ish? 45 “You WANT to Go There” vs. “You Want to Go THERE” 47 Emoji, or ? 48 What Does the Curly Loop Even Mean? 50 A Brief History of Voice Assistants 51 Summary: Musings on Verbalizing Online 52 Section 2 Setting the Stage Chapter 6 Have Cubicle, Will Travel 59 The Not-at-Home Office 59 The At-Home Office 61 Finding Inspiration 62 Work–Life (Im)Balance 63 Role-Switching Woes 65 The Gender Tug-of-War 66 Summary: Musings on Designing Home Spaces 68 Chapter 7 Our Virtual Fashion Aesthetic 71 The Dress Code Is Dead. Long Live the Dress Code! 71 You Are What You Wear: Dressing for Ourselves 72 Fashion Is Instant Language: Dressing for Others 74 What We Wear, Where 77 Summary: Musings on What We Wear Online 78 Chapter 8 Bridging Divides 81 Onboarding Onward 81 The Difficulties of Dispersion 82 Who Gets Heard? 84 Trust and Conflict 86 In Technology We Trust 87 Summary: Musings on Building Connective Tissue in Virtual Teams 88 Section 3 Technology’s Role Chapter 9 Perception and Judgment 93 Feeling Far Away 93 The Upside of Distance 94 Artificial Intelligence and Human Judgment 96 The One Best Way 97
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