Contents vii Bias Baked into the System? 98 AI at Work 99 Summary: Musings on Human and AI Decision-Making 101 Chapter 10 The Internet-Based Marketplace 105 The Rise of the Gig Worker 105 To Gig or Not to Gig? Part 1: Individual Gig Workers 106 To Gig or Not to Gig? Part 2: Employers 107 To Gig or Not to Gig? Part 3: Society 109 Outsourcing Knowledge Work 110 Summary: Musings on How the Internet Is Changing the Face of Work 112 Chapter 11 Tech as Lifeblood 117 The Digital Revolution 117 Tech Drives Change 118 The Closed-System Model 119 Change Drives Tech: The Open-System Model 120 Tech Adoption and the Emotional Cycle of Change 122 What Hits the Market and Why? 123 The Beating Heart of Virtual Work 124 Summary: Musings on Gateways to Technology and Gateways by Technology 126 Chapter 12 Looking Back and Looking Forward 129 Uncharted Waters 129 There and Back Again 130 The Struggle Is Real 132 Owing My Soul to the Company Store 133 Hybrid Work: The Best of Both Worlds (Once We Get It Right) 135 The New Charter 137 Virtual Work Is Here to Stay 139 Notes 141 Index 173
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