Acknowledgments Every therapist has a personal journey that brings them to and through this work. When we are at our best, mistakes and failures call us to a rigor- ous and sometimes painful odyssey of reflection, study, vulnerability, and accountability, which endows us with the strength and wisdom to rebuild our lives and serve others along the way. I could never have written this book without the influence of the people with whom I have connected, loved, fought, and learned. To my parents, my ex-partners, and many friends who believed in me, even if only for a while, thank you. I could not be the person or the writer I am today without the privilege of parenting a remarkable young human. Thank you to my daughter, who inspires me every day just by being who she is. My clients have taught me more than I can ever articulate. Thank you for giving me the honor of witnessing and supporting your journeys. I feel tremendous gratitude toward Jim LaPierre, LCSW Keith Young, LCPC and Wally Fraser, LCPC, without whom this book would not exist, and with whom my personal growth and recovery has reached places I never thought possible. Thank you.
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