ONE Mastering the Basics Communication is an art. It has form and structure even in brief inter- changes. We are so accustomed to its rhythm that we rarely pay attention as it is unfolding. Most of the time this lack of awareness doesn’t matter, but if you are never attuned to the undercurrents, the outcomes may not be what you expected or intended. Think of it as “making” a conversation rather than “having” a conversa- tion. There is a product at the end. It may be as simple as the continuation of a connection or the beginning of what might become a large project. In all cases, if you are mindful, you “make” something between you and someone else. IT STARTS WITH ME In all your communication, you are the one constant. Whether you are the initiator or the receiver, it starts with you. How you are and how you react are up to you. The result of the communication, despite all your under- standing of its nuances, is not in your control. The only thing you can control is you. “Who are you?” The question is important because the more you know yourself and are grounded in who you are, the clearer your message becomes. Clarity is the gold standard of communication, and yet, too fre- quently, it is not achieved.
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