Dedication This Psychology of Inequity three-volume set is dedicated to Dr. Jean Lau Chin (1944–2020). Jean was the primary editor of this work, and the set is a follow-up to The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination (Chin, 2004a– d), a four-volume work, also published by Praeger. Volumes 1–4 of that set respectively covered Racism in America, Ethnicity and Multiracial Iden- tity, Bias Based on Gender and Sexual Orientation, and Disability, Religion, Physique, and Other Traits. In contrast to the earlier volumes that explored discrimination experienced by distinct groups, Jean conceptualized the current volumes as a psychological overview of the intersectionality of inequities today. The trio of editors for these volumes examined motiva- tions and beliefs that fuel inequities across the globe and the ways inequi- ties are addressed and interpreted. As the editors finalized the completed chapters for submission to the publisher, the novel coronavirus swept from nation to nation, creating a global pandemic. Consistent with most disas- ters, the virus has disproportionately ravaged many of those described in these volumes who are already vulnerable due to long-standing inequi- ties. Communities of color, those already disadvantaged by health-care and economic disparities, and those displaced due to war or other hard- ships have suffered the highest rates of illness and death from the virus, which took Jean and her husband, Gene Chin, in the months of April and May 2020. Jean’s dauntless efforts in the pursuit of justice and equity and her dedication to completing these volumes, even as she began to battle the virus, have resulted in this, her final work. Throughout this set, her voice is heard, drawing attention to inequity and contributing to the solu- tions that make our world a better place.
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