Introduction ix 1 Threatening or Marginalized: Muslim Identity and Perceived Inequality among Minority Muslim Populations 1 Gulnaz Anjum, Milan Obaidi, Sania Sohail, and Roheena Madni 2 Universality and Variability of Women’s Experiences of Workplace Sexism: An Integration of the Social Dominance and Intersectional Approaches 25 Yue Li and Y. Joel Wong 3 Globalization and Inequity: Families and Individuals in Crisis Sonia Suchday and Linda Escobar Olszewski 45 4 Exploring Inequities Faced by Immigrants with Multiple Minority Identities 67 Mercedes P. Palacios, Martha Hernández, and Sita G. Patel 5 Mental Health of Refugees and Migrants 89 Pantea Javidan, Jessica Rahter, and Lisa M. Brown 6 Migrants and Resettlement: From Crisis to Self-Sufficiency 119 Kassaw Tafere Merie, Juneau Mahan Gary, and Robin Hernandez-Mekonnen 7 Borderlanders’ Knowledge of Mental Health and Mental Illness: Mental Health Literacy Inequalities on the Border 143 Ediza Garcia, Elizabeth Terrazas-Carrillo, Desi Alonzo Vásquez, Liabette Rodriguez, Amanda Rodriguez, and Carolina Osoria Contents
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