Introduction xix conditional effects of partisan media use on polarization with a series of lin- ear regression models. Ultimately, they find some good news for democracy. In summary, this book responds to the unique circumstances that com- bined to disrupt the 2020 campaign and election—as well as its aftermath— through 15 studies authored by leading and emerging scholars of political communication. In total, these contributions represent an important archive of one of the most historically significant campaigns in the history of the United States. They also advance crucial conversations in the field of political communication about the nature of campaign media effects, presidential rhetoric, the content of campaign communication, and how all of these important fields of scholarship hold up (or are altered by) the striking cir- cumstances of the 2020 election. References Ballhaus, R., Palazzolo, J., & Restuccia, A. (2021, January 8). Trump and his allies set the stage for riot well before January 6. The Wall Street Journal. -well-before-january-6-11610156283 Bernheim, B. D., Buchmann, N., Freitas-Groff, Z., & Otero, S. (2020). The effects of large group meetings on the spread of COVID-19: The case of Trump ral- lies. SSRN. Blake, A. (2021, October 7). 3 takeaways from the Senate report on Trump’s bra- zen efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The Washington Post. https:// -report-trumps-brazen-efforts-overturn-2020-election/ Blanco, A. (2020, November 2). Amid the pandemic, Trump and Biden traveled most often to Pennsylvania and Florida. The Washington Post. https:// -covid/ Booker, B. (2021, May 25). George Floyd and the new civil rights era. Politico. /george-floyd-death-anniversary-civil-rights-492986 Bouie, J. (2020, June 12). To overturn Trump, we need to overturn white suprem- acy. The New York Times. /sunday/floyd-protests-white-supremacy.html Buchanan, L., Bui, Q., & Patel, J. K. (2020, July 3). Black Lives Matter may be the largest movement in U.S. history. The New York Times. https://www -size.html Clark, D. (2020, October 9). Fauci calls Amy Coney Barrett ceremony in Rose Garden “superspreader event.” NBC News. /politics/white-house/fauci-calls-amy-coney-barrett-ceremony-rose -garden-superspreader-event-n1242781
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