vi Contents Part Two Disrupting the Campaign Chapter 6 Political Party Tweets during the 2020 Presidential Campaign 93 Daniel Montez and Kate Kenski Chapter 7 Donald Trump and the COVID-19 Information Environment in Campaign 2020 117 Joshua M. Scacco, Jonathon Smith, and Kevin Coe Chapter 8 Forced Online: The Promise and Challenge of Relational Organizing Technology in a 2020 State-Level Campaign 141 Ashley Muddiman and Cameron W. Piercy Chapter 9 “The SPN Family Votes!”: Celebrity Endorsements in Online Fan Communities 159 Ashley A. Hinck Chapter 10 Hope and Fear in a Pandemic: Videostyle in 2020 Presidential Advertising 177 Kelly L. Winfrey Part Three Disrupting Democratic Norms Chapter 11 Donald Trump, Emotional Activation, and Authoritarianism 207 Robert C. Rowland Chapter 12 Reclaiming the Center: Constitutive Rhetoric and the “Moderate Ethos” in Crossover Endorsements for Joe Biden 223 Ryan Neville-Shepard Chapter 13 Trump’s Disruptive Debate: Analyzing the Candidate Branding Costs 239 Josh C. Bramlett, Benjamin R. Warner, and Mitchell S. McKinney Chapter 14 Social Dominance, Sexism, and the Lasting Effects on Political Communication from the 2020 Election 265 Mary C. Banwart and Michael W. Kearney Chapter 15 Partisan Media and Polarization in the 2020 Campaign 289 Benjamin R. Warner, Jihye Park, Go-Eun Kim, and Alyssa N. Coffey About the Editors and Contributors 311 Index 317
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