Building the Train as We Chug Along the Tracks 3 trainings so that those not able to attend could view them later. Second, part-time staff were frequently not able to attend these trainings, as most of them either were not scheduled to work Fridays or staffed the service desk at their location so that the full-time librarian at their location could attend on-site training at Central. EARLY DAYS OF COVID-19 Central Piedmont closed all in-person services and shifted to all-remote on March 18, 2020. Library employees had not previously worked from home this necessitated immediate adjustments to all work. Central Piedmont had started using the Webex platform for staff instant messaging prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it had not been rolled out to the entire college community. The first priority of the training committee was to make library staff aware of Webex and get staff comfortable using it. Emails were sent out with the links for downloading Webex. Staff who struggled with installing or using Webex worked one-on-one with training committee members who walked them through the process on the phone. An all-staff meeting was set with the purpose of determining if Webex could support a meeting with 43 participants, establishing which staff had difficulty joining meetings, and getting comfortable with the platform. Prior to COVID-19, the college had already been using Citrix for remote desktop access. There were two different types of remote access: a generic remote desktop for college employees with the commonly used programs and applications, and remote access to a specific desktop so staff could remotely connect to their own desktop in their offices or workstations. The college stopped offering the possibility to add a specific desktop about a week prior to the shutdown, so only staff members who had already used Citrix had access to their specific desktop. All other staff needed to be trained on how to use the generic employee desktop as well as get used to using a virtual desktop. On March 13, 2020, just before the college moved to completely online classes and services, library staff had an in-person training day that was previously scheduled. At this retreat, the training committee unveiled a training-specific LibGuide that included short tutorials on basic tools and processes used by library staff. In the early days of working remotely, the training committee created several more tutorials on topics such as using Citrix, accessing the integrated library system (ILS) remotely, and Webex meetings. Additionally, a tab was added to the LibGuide to act as a clearing- house of remote learning opportunities such as webinars, virtual confer- ences, and online classes. While the training committee had already begun creating tutorials prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, the switch to working from home impacted who could reliably record audio. In some cases, the person with the most
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